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Why India should worry about Pakistan selling its Bundal and Bhuddo islands to China

For a rich country to expand, it has to spread its wings outwards. That is what China is allegedly trying to do in Pakistan by taking control of its Bundal and Bhuddo islands in Sindh province. If it succeeds in doing so, it’ll convert them into naval docks and that is not good news for India from a defence perspective.

Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi recently passed an ordinance called the Pakistan Islands Development Authority. The ordinance gave the central government complete control of the land. It also pointed out that $50 billion will be invested in these islands for their development. It’s obvious that Pakistan don’t have that kind of money to invest, so it has to be China who’ll acquire these islands as part of a trade. Pakistan has also taken huge loans from China so they are under pressure that way too. Understandably, the ordinance didn’t sit well with the Sindh government and they have opposed the move.

For India, this is a worrying development because the Bundal and Bhuddo islands are located pretty close to Gujarat.

How China is taking control of smaller nations

If you look at African countries like Kenya, China has played a huge part in their development. They are investing great amounts that’s helping African countries progress quickly. There’s a caveat though – China is putting these countries deeper into debt.

In 2012, a report by IMF stated that 15% of Africa’s entire external debt is owned by China. In the subsequent years, this percentage must have increased. China is also using these countries for their resources. Over one-third of China’s supply of oil comes from Africa. Some may suggest that this is a new form of colonialism and the argument is not without merit.

How can India protect itself against the sale of Bundal and Bhuddo

One of India’s greatest ally in the world is Israel. PM Narendra Modi and Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu are great friends. On the other hand, Pakistan and Israel don’t have a great relation at all. If India wants to fight China and Pakistan’s alliance, it has to join hands with Israel and set up a base in Sir Creek, Gujarat which is a place near the India-Pakistan border. If Israel come here with their technology, they’ll easily be able to keep a surveillance on Pakistan.

Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad too will help protect India’s interests and keep negative forces at bay. It’s important for India to keep a close look on Pakistan’s movements and prepare in advance. If they allow China to enter unopposed, the problem could become too big to solve.

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