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What should you do with your life?

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Life has a habit of throwing so many things at us that we struggle to figure out what to do with it.

Let’s say you live till 100 years. You have a total of 5200 weeks at your disposal. If you’re 25 now, that’s 1300 weeks already spent. Out of which, you spent the first 600 weeks being a kid and 400 weeks being a teenager. During this time, you lacked the freedom to do as you please and you were also spared the responsibilities that come with being an adult. Your parents and your teachers cleaned up your mistakes and gave you time to grow.

By the time you were 20, you could already have been in your first job or you could have opted for further studies. In the latter case, you would have pushed back the most exhausting phase of your life by a few years.

Most people in India work till the age of 60. So, in all probability, you too would be spending 2000 weeks (a little more than 38 years) of your life working to make a living. A lot of it may seem daunting at the age of 25, but people do wonderful things in this period. They get married, they go on vacations, they build a house and they have kids. If everything goes good for you, you’ll retire at 60 with enough wealth to do whatever you please with the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, your health also starts declining sharply by this time. Most people who save all their money to live happily after retirement are disappointed. Some people die a premature death due to a road accident. Some have cancer, some drown and some die by suicide. Every day, there’s a dice of death that gets rolled for every human and the older you get, your chances of getting a bad roll increase. It’s okay to not think about all these things and take life as it comes. If you’re swimming in an ocean with your head above the water, it’s enough.

From time to time though, we must take a look at things from an outside perspective so that we don’t have many regrets. One of them could be not spending enough time with your parents. You spend your entire childhood and teenage years with your parents.

As you grow older, the time you spend with them decreases. You may move out for education or work and leave your parents. While these things may seem unavoidable in today’s times, you can still pay them regular visits and call them when possible.

You must also make time for your hobbies, think about your role in the society, take that vacation you’ve been dreaming about, reach out to an old friend or build a stronger bond with a new one. Life is a gift to be cherished every day and we must make full use of it.

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