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What fireman suits looked like in the early 1900's

Fireman suits have come a long way to offer better protection and comfort. Today, fire fighters aren't afraid of stepping into the fire because they know that they are safe in their suits.

In the early days, fire fighters used water to douse the flames and did not enter into a burning building. This diminished their ability and efficacy especially when it came to rescuing people stuck inside.

In this image, we're looking at a fireman suit from the early 1900s. The interesting thing is that there is a helmet releasing streams of water covering the fire fighter. For sure, a person has to be really brave to wear this and put their life on the line to protect others.

At Urruda, we doff our hats to all the fire fighters who are saving lives and protecting buildings from destruction. It may not be the most lucrative job in the world, but it is one of the most important.

Photo Courtesy: Reddit

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