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The Lords of Taliban: The many leaders who will now pull the strings in Afghanistan

Mohammad Hasan Akhund has been appointed as Afghanistan’s new Prime Minister by Taliban. Akhund was a key figure in the 9/11 tragedy and pipped hot favourite Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar for the post. Baradar will now serve as Akhund’s deputy.

Akhund has been a part of Taliban since it’s inception in the 1990s. He is also a religious scholar who believes in imposing restrictions on women. Already, the Taliban has ordered female university students to wear an abaya (it’s similar to a burkha). If things get worse, there could be a ban on women’s education as well.

Akhund’s appointment reveals that there is an internal struggle going on in Taliban. It was assumed that Baradar will take the post but his progressive ideologies on women’s education and international relations did not go well with the Haqqani network who are crucial for Taliban from a diplomatic standpoint.

Other than Akhund and Baradar, Sirajuddin Haqqani will serve as the Home Minister. Interestingly, US has put a reward of $5 million to anyone who can help in catching him.

Taliban founder Mullah Mohammad Omar’s son Mullah Yaqoob will serve as the Defence Minister. He is young and unlike some other leaders, he doesn’t have any long combat experience.

Earlier, in a press conference after coming to power, their spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that the chosen government will be inclusive. “I would like to assure that after consultations that are going to be completed very soon, we will be witnessing the formation of a strong Islamic and inclusive government, Inshallah, God willing,” he said.

However, Afghanistan’s UN convoy Ghulam Isaczai slammed the government as ‘anything but inclusive’. “As I speak and today, the Taliban announced their government. It is anything but inclusive. The people of Afghanistan, especially our youth who have only known a free and democratic Afghanistan, will not accept a governing structure that excludes women and minorities, eliminate constitutional rights for all and does not protect the gains of the past,” he said.

For sure, Taliban can’t be trusted with their statements. For their own good, countries like USA, UK and India should combine and fight for the lives of innocent Afghan people. If not, the war against terrorism will take a few steps backward.

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