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Spindrift: Mangalore's go-to place for food lovers

When you visit some places, you remember them for a lifetime. The experience lingers in your mind long after you've left the table. Mangalore's Spindrift is one such brewery that delivers spectacularly in all departments. It's located right at the centre of Mangalore (Bharath Mall, Lalbagh) and has plenty of parking space for those driving in. It also has a comforting ambience with spacious interiors.

Food: Spindrift's food makes for a memorable experience because you would not find these dishes at most other restaurants. The chef has managed to infuse the dishes with a unique flavour that's incredibly delicious. We recommend that you try dishes like bang bang chicken, fish and chips, sausage and corn hash and crab claws. For dessert, you can have gulab jamun cheesecake.

Alcohol: Being a brewery, Spindrift also has a fabulous beer menu which makes it so popular among the beer enthusiasts in Mangalore. You can also try something from their extensive (and brilliant) range of cocktails.

Crowd: The place is frequented by youngsters and families alike which is impressive because there's probably no other place in Mangalore that caters to both sections. On weekends, there is more crowd but the place enjoys healthy occupancy on weekdays too. Service: A lot of credit for its success should go to its tireless staff who keep serving exceptional dishes at a great speed. Even when the restaurant is packed, you don't have to wait for a long time. Most of these people are from Mangalore itself and are fluent in the local language. Music: They play excellent music that's not too loud. At most pubs, you are made to listen to the same old party anthems and they can be overpowering at times.

Address: 5th Floor, Bharath Mall, Bejai Main Rd, Lalbagh, Mangalore, Karnataka

Photo & Review Courtesy: Neha Hedge

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