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Slippers Tree

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

While walking through a farm in Udupi, we saw something peculiar. It was a tree with several slippers attached to its bark using an internet wire.

It was certainly not something we had seen before so we decided to dig deeper.

We found out that the slippers were attached to protect the tree from the grip of the wires. It was an act of compassion and certainly something worth capturing.

It made us think that if people could be so considerate towards a tree, why is humanity still struggling with so many crimes? Why are we oppressing people and taking advantage of them when love is a far better option?

If only every one of us opened the door of compassion in our hearts, we would all be living in a kinder world. A world where unconditional help is always around the corner and there is empathy for every fellow being's pain.

Photo Courtesy; Karan Bakshi

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