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Phthalates – Your reproductive system’s biggest enemy

Did you know that the food that you consume could be harming your reproductive health? Did you know that it had chemicals known as phthalates which can impact your reproductive system? Did you know that if you gave a urine sample right now, it’s bound to be laced with these harmful chemicals? Dr. Shanna Swan, a professor working for Mount Sinai school of medicine, has been trying to wake up the world to these pressing questions. In her book Count Down, she writes about how male sperm counts will reduce to zero by 2045 (that’s not far away). It may seem like a conspiracy theory but it isn’t and Dr. Shanna’s research has proved that. As it is, the sperm counts in men have dropped by 50% in the last 50 years.

Phthalates – How can it wipe out mankind from this planet?

Phthalates are chemicals found in soft and flexible plastics. It is often used to manufacture and package food items that ultimately end up in our system. The problem with this chemical is that it messes with your testosterone levels by lowering them.

This leads to a diminished sperm count. In women, phthalates lead to a decrease in libido, early puberty, premature ovarian failure, miscarriage and premature birth. In an interview with Joe Rogan, Dr. Shanna spoke at length about how she proved the correlation between phthalates and decreased fertility. “I took a whole population of pregnant women. And I got their urine, measured their phthalates, got their kids, measured their kids. We developed an exam for measuring all these things that we measure in a rat, we measured it in our children. And then, we showed that the mother’s phthalates did alter the genitals of boys,” she said. When the impact of these phthalates is combined with factors like smoking, stress and unhealthy lifestyle habits, the result could be total infertility.

High phthalates are used in common items like:

  • Garden hoses and swimming pool liners

  • Waterproof clothing and luggage

  • Wallcoverings and window shades

  • And so much more!

How can you protect yourself from it?

A lot of change needs to happen in the chemical industry and their products need to be made in such a way that they don’t react negatively with your hormones. Besides this, you too can make smarter choices to arrest this decline. As much as possible, you should eat unprocessed foods like carrots and potatoes cooked at home. Don’t use utensils with a Teflon coating and don’t microwave anything in plastic. Additionally, you could throw out any scented products as they are filled with phthalates. If you are a young man, you could also freeze your eggs to prevent the inevitable impact of phthalates on your sperm.

While these changes may be possible for you, it might not be possible for those who are not as privileged. Until our governments stop turning a blind eye towards these issues, we are headed for an apocalyptic situation.

The Urruda take

Learning about these harmful chemicals does scare us because this issue needs to be talked about more often. We must understand the various plastics around us and remember the mantra: Four, five, one and two, the rest of them are bad for you.

A documentary on this issue is going to be released soon and we hope that it’s able to generate more awareness about this pressing issue

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