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Genius From Mangalore: Tree climbing scooter

Despite being successful as an areca nut farmer, Ganapathi Bhat found himself in a crisis situation. He had become too old to climb these trees and getting help was proving to be too expensive.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Bhat invented something that solved his problem and that of several farmers. He got the idea of developing a tree scooter that could climb trees quickly and effortlessly.

After several attempts and several prototypes, he finally managed to do it. Bhat could now climb 65 ft tall areca nut trees in just 30 seconds. In a segment in History TV18, he said, “In Dakshin Kannada, three-fourth of the land is dedicated to areca nut farming. The land that we have, it’s very difficult to manage crops on it. We also lack skilled workers which makes our task difficult during the harvest season.”

The idea for developing the tree climbing scooter came when he was at a friend’s farm. He saw areca nut trees get fumigated and realized if a machine can be used to spray pesticides, it can be used to climb trees too.

The tree climbing scooter isn’t just a makeshift solution (or jugaad as we like to call it in India), it’s a result of thoughtful engineering and good design. The scooter is made up of special grip tyres, dual side disc brakes, double chain system, two stroke engine and accelerator.

It also has an excellent mileage that allows it to climb 90 trees in just one litre of petrol. Till now, more than 300 farmers have bought the scooter from Bhat and that is a testament to its efficacy.

At Urruda, we salute Ganapathi Bhat’s spirit of innovation and scientific acumen. We hope that he keeps developing such products to help farmers across the country.

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