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Do you dream about getting late?

Sometimes, we wake up with a good dream and a feeling of gratitude. At other times, we wake up with a bad dream and cold sweat. Even though these dreams are mostly delusional and experienced only in the realm of your mind, they do reveal things about your personality.

Arriving late for something is a type of dream that’s experienced by a lot of people. Let’s take a look at what experts think it could mean.

A fear of not being able to meet expectations

You’re not expected to be late anywhere. If you do, you’re disappointing others and you’re disappointing yourself. A dream like that could indicate underlying self-esteem issues that you need to work on.

You could be having trouble with your parents, your colleagues, your friends or your partner. You could be thinking that you’re not good enough for them and their lack of approval could be making you anxious.

The truth is that it’s not realistic to please everyone and you need to be kinder on yourself. Instead of getting worked up about what others are thinking, you need to prioritize what you are thinking.

A fear of not being in your comfort zone

Life throws challenges at every corner and you need to be prepared to face them. Coming late in a dream could indicate that you’re about apprehensive about starting a new job, going in a new environment or getting into a new relationship.

Our advice is to just take things one day at a time. Fear creates more problems than it solves and it’s critical that you stay away from that demon. Getting out of our comfort zone is important for growth and you must welcome such opportunities with open arms.

You’re anticipating a future event

You could be anxious about going on a date or an interview. You’re worried if you’ll be able to make the right impression. A bad date can signal the end of a possible relationship and you don’t want to make a wrong move (like making your partner wait endlessly) at any stage.

Instead of letting your mind go in that direction, try visualizing good things. Imagine you are having the time of your life with your date and everything is flowing smoothly.

You think you’ll not meet your potential

If you miss a bus, a train or a flight in your dreams, it could mean that you’re wary of failing in real life too. Maybe you want an expensive car, maybe you want a fancy degree or maybe you want that elusive corner office.

Perhaps, you’re experiencing some roadblocks on your journey that’s making you doubt your choices. Is the car out of my reach? Am I smart enough to go to that college? Should I stop working towards getting promoted? These thoughts can make you anxious and you must put them to bed. We’re all special in our own ways and we can all unlock our potential if only we stopped worrying.

Dreams are still a source of mystery for scientists and medical professionals. All analysis on this subject should be taken with a pinch of salt and should not be confused for conclusive scientific evidence.

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