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Coronavirus pandemic & Student life

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Educational institutions have shifted to online classes ever since the lockdown began and students have had to face the brunt of this decision.The quality of their education has been compromised (you learn far more comfortably in a physical classroom) and some have complained about facing administrative problems as well.

Institutions are postponing their exams without giving a thought about the students. Late exams will mean that they can't apply at the right time to study abroad. Online exams have also given rise to rampant cheating as it is possible to keep a book alongside without letting it show on camera. Some subjects where students need to do practical stuff (like mixing chemicals in a lab) have been taught unsuccessfully. Even when it comes to placements, a lot of students are facing problems because the pandemic has wrecked the economy.

It is to be noted that even though institutions have shifted to online learning, students have had to pay the same fees that they paid before the pandemic struck. It has almost been one year since the lockdown started and this time is significant for a student's educational journey. If he/she doesn't understand a few concepts, they will face its ripple effects for years.

It's high time that some measures are taken to ease the plight of students and help them have the education they deserve.

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