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A feature that reveals how much the website knows about you

All information is vital and Google is definitely in the data collection business. To serve you relevant ads, it records your entire search history and categorizes your areas of interest. If you look deeply into your Google account, you will see that it records your entire activity online (and not just its own websites). More often than not, it would be linked to your Google Chrome browser.

If you don’t believe us, then try this short experiment for yourself.

1. Go to your account > Click on your initial at the top-right corner > Go to ‘Manage your Google account’

2. Click on ‘Manage your data & personalization’ > Click on ‘Go to ad settings’ > Scroll down and you’ll see how your ads are personalized

3. You can see details about your age, gender and interests.

That’s not all, you can personalize these interests if you want. Just click on an information tab (like ‘Architecture’) and you’ll get an option to turn it off. Once you do it, you’ll stop receiving ads based around that topic.

Rather than blaming Google for this, you should see the amount of work their engineers put in to develop an experience like no other. Nobody forces us to use Google, we do it because we need it. A Gmail account is a basic essential and it’s hard to live without it.

When you go deep into your settings and explore stuff, you find ways to enhance your experience of the website.

Image credits: Gmail/Google LLC

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